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  • Brazil INMETRO power cord YHB-6

    Brazil INMETRO power cord YHB-6

    NBR 6147 Brazil three prong power cord plug with InMetro certification.Rated up to 10A 12A 20A 250V.  Built to NBR 6147 standards and designed for any Brazil 3 prong power cords.Our Brazilian NBR6147 power cord products are fully molded with a low profile ergonomic design and RoHS and REACH compliant.

    Link here:NBR 6147 to C13 power cord

  • specifications

    • Male Plug

      Brazil 3 Prong Plug

      Female Receptacle



      Up to 10A


      Up to 250V AC

      Outer Mold Material

      50P PVC

      Blade Material

      Nickel coated Brass


      Any color available

      Cable Length

      Any length available



      Environmental Certifications

      RoHS, REACH


      100% are individually tested for Hi-Pot (dielectric voltage withstand test), opens, shorts and pinout

      Available Opposite End Connectors:

      Standard                                                    Part NO

      IEC C13                                                     ST3(IEC C13)Brazil

      Other Termination Options:

      Click Here

      Available Cable Styles:

      H05VV-F 3X1.0-1.5mm2

    Item NO Number Voltage Number of maximum current Number of conductors Jacket Type Jacket Color Standard
    End of treatment MOQ Payment Transportation Delivery period Packing Wiring Standard

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