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ac power cord
ac power cord
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Ningbo Yunhuan Electronics Group Co.,Ltd is China leading power cord manufacturer having the best manufacturing capacity to provide the cheapest prices,best quality and lead times for Power Cords upon our long policy of lower prices with high volume export.We actually manufacture the connectors and extrude the wires in-house which produce the best variety of AC cords,extension cords,rubber cables,wiring harness available anywhere. our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified as well as ASTA registered. All products are RoHS and REACH compliant.We offer the widest selection available for OEM power cords, custom power supply cords and International AC cords.we are 24 hour turn around for custom power cord quotes and drawings.

AC Power Cords,Power Supply Cord

Standard and custom AC cords, NEMA power cords, IEC power cords, North America power supply cords, International power cords, Hospital Grade power cords (Medical Cords), electrical cord or AC power cords,European power cord (Europe Cords),Vorwerk Kobold Kabel vacuum cleaner power cords,power supply cords,Simply identify your power cord plug,receptacle and cord (wire) using the options to the left and let us know what you need. Power cords can be fully customized with a switch, standard or custom strain relief, terminal, labels and any special preparation.power cord, power cable, mains cable, mains power lead, line cord, portable cord and flexible line cord are all ways to describe the cable connecting any device to the main power supply usually through a normal wall socket.To learn how Ningbo Yunhuan help you solve your power cord requirements,please contact us now!

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