Argentina Power Cords

Argentina Power Cord products with IRAM certification are manufactured to the Argentina IRAM 2073 (Argentinian 10 A/250 V) and compatible types (Type I),connected with a three-wire earthed plug rated at 10 A (or 20A), 250 V defined by IRAM and used in Class 1 applications in Argentina.This plug is similar in appearance to the Australasian and Chinese plugs.The pin length is same as the Chinese version.we are China leading Argentina power cords manufacturer and supplier providing cheapest prices of Argentinne IRAM approved ac power cord,ac power cable,electric ac plug,ac power plug,ac power connector,computer power cable,electric plug,electric power cord,electrical power plug,elelctrical power cord,laptop power cord,power cord with switch,power supply cord with IEC C7,C5,C13,C15,C19 connectors.

Argentina Plug to IEC C13:Y010 Argentina to C13

  • Argentina-IRAM-2063-Two-Pin-Plug-Power-Cord
  • Argentina IRAM 2063 Two Pin Plug Power Cord
  • IRAM 2073 IRAM 2063 Argentina two pin plug power cord with IRAM marked rated up to 10A 250V built to IRAM 2063 standards and designed for Argentine power supply cord applications,IRAM 2063 to IEC C7 AC describe Argentina power plug molded with IEC 60320 figure 8 connector.All of our Argentina AC power cord are fully made with ergonomic design with RoHS / REACH environment compliant as we are China premier power cable manufacturer.

    Click here three prong IRAM 2073 Power Cord:Y010

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  • 2-Prong-Argentina-IRAM-2063-Power-Cord
  • 2 Prong Argentina IRAM 2063 Power Cord
  • IRAM 2073 IRAM 2063 Argentina two prong power cord plug with IRAM marked rated up to 10A 250V built to IRAM 2063 standards and designed for Argentine applications with 2 prong power cords ,IRAM 2063 to C7 cord usually made with flat cable for small household appliances,This Argentina plugs are fully molded with a low profile ergonomic design with RoHS and REACH compliant.
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  • Argentina-IRAM-2073-Plug-To-IEC-60320-C13-Power-Cord
  • Argentina IRAM 2073 Plug To IEC 60320 C13 Power Cord
  • Argentina to C13 power cord:Argentine power plug to IEC C13 AC power cords with Argentina standard IRAM 2073 plug 3 prong to IEC 60320 C13 power connector are widely used in variety Argentine power supply cord applications, All Of our Plug and Socket Argentina, IEC 60320 C13 power cord are mold with Argentina IRAM, Europe VDE safety certifications and RoHS / REACH environment compliant, low profile ergonomic design and high quality as we are China leading AC power cord manufacturer and supplier.

    View the technical drawing:IRAM 2073 power cord to C13 drawing(PDF)

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