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AC Power Cord > Power Cord > Israel Power Cords > Israel SII 3 Conductor SI-32 16A Plug to IEC 60320 C15 Power Cord
  • Israel SII 3 Conductor SI-32 16A Plug to IEC 60320 C15 Power Cord

  • Israel SII approved 3 Conductor with earthing contact 16A 250V plug moulded with IEC 60320 C15 receptacle power supply cords.C15 connectors are designed in such a way that they can handle high temperature devices like electric kettles, server rooms, computing networking closets and Power over Ethernet switches having high wattage power supply. These connectors work on the temperature rating of 120°C.C15 power cords are used in high temperature surroundings like electric kettle and computer networking close.
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Detailed description

Male Plug Israel 3P plug
Female Receptacle

IEC60320 C15 Israel

Amperage Up to 10A
Voltage Up to 250V AC
Outer Mold Material 50P PVC
Blade Material Nickel coated Brass
Color Custom color available
Cable Length Custom length available
Certifications SII , VDE
Environmental Certifications RoHS, REACH
Testing 100percent are individually tested
Available Wire Styles H03VV-F3G0.75mm2
MOQ 3000pcs
Delviery lead date 15-20days
Pakcing Export cartons
Samples Free samples can be sent within 3 days
Payment TT 30percent Advance,balance after shipping,L/C

Israell SI 32 2 Wire 3 Pole Plug IEC 60320 C15 High Temperature Power Cord With Custom Long / Color , SII / VDE Certified
Israel Plug IEC 320 C15 Power Cord With Custom Long

Plug type: Israel plug type H
Standard: SI-32
Approvals: SI, VDE
Electricity:10A, 250V
Number of Poles and Wires:2 pole 3 wires
Cable length:1.0 meter, 1.5m, 1.8m,custom length
End Options: IEC 320 C15
Quality System: ISO9001:2008
Color: White and black are normal, Custom color
Outer Mold Material: PVC, Rubber
Plug Insert Material: PBT, ABS
Blade Material: Nickel coated brass
Cable Specifications: Standard and custom made
Wire Outject Material:PVC,Rubber,TPE,Textile
Environmental Certifications: RoHS, REACH, PAHS
Model Number: JY3-16/XH006A
Plug Standard SI 32, 16 Amp 250 Volt AC, 2 Pole 3 Wire Grounding, Type H right angle plug Israel Power Cords and AC Cables, Connector Standards  IEC 60320 (320) C-15。 The Israel AC plugs and Sockets are suitable for most small electrical appliances using the three-phase power line, connecting the Israel plug connection with the household appliances.
Israel power cord IEC C15 type power cable is black and white as the standard color. gray and custom colors are available. Custom length and shielded Israel AC power cord, power cables available. Terminated, custom stripping.


The Israel Power Cords to IEC 60320 C15 Bulk packed with export cartons, pallets.


Yunhuan manufacturers and supplies electrical AC power supply cords for use in Israel and all Countries in the world. Our extensive and complete Israel power cord line includes power receptacle outlets, Plug, weatherproof receptacle outlets, sockets, multiple outlet power strips, power supply cords, power cable wire and plug adapters . Contact us for Israel AC power cords as China leading Israel power cord manufacturer and supplier.all of our Israel power supply cords are are made of high quality approved by SII, VDE with Rohs and Reach compliant.

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Subject : Israel SII 3 Conductor SI-32 16A Plug to IEC 60320 C15 Power Cord

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