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  • 2 Pin Plug China Power Cord

  • GB 1002 China CCC certified two prong molded power cord plug.Fully conforms to the GB1002 plug standards and designed for any two prong power cord for use in China.  Rated up to 10A 250V~.Our GB 1002 China power cord products are fully molded with a low profile ergonomic design and RoHS and REACH compliant.

    Link here:GB 1002 PBB-6(6A)

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Detailed description
Plug standard China 2P plug
Maximum Current rating 10A
Maximum Voltage 250V
Number of Poles and Wires 2 poles, 2 wires
Outer Mold Material 50P PVC
Blade Material Nickel coated Brass
Color Any color available
Temperature Rating minus 40C though plus 75C
Approvals CCC/3C
Environmental Certifications RoHS, REACH
Testing Hi-Pot (Dielectric Withstanding Voltage), Polarity (pinout) and Continuity
MOQ 3000pcs
Delivery lead date 15-20days
Samples Free samples can be sent within 3 days

Other Termination Options:

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Available Cable Styles:

227IEC53(RVV)  0.75-1.0mm2 X2

245IEC53(YZ)   0.75-1.0mm2 X2

245IEC57(YZW) 0.75-1.0mm2 X2

2 Pin China plug Drawing

2 Pin 10A China Plug

China Power Cord 10 Amp 250 Volt 2 Wire Non-Grounding 2099 GB Standard CCC 3C Approved Type A Plug AC Power Supply Cords
China 10 Amp 2 Wire  AC Power Supply Cords

Plug type: 2 wire plug
Standard: GB 2099
Approvals:CCC, 3C
Number of Poles and Wires:2 poles 2 wires
Cable length:1.0 meter, 1.5m, 1.8m,custom length
End Options: ROJ, Termination, IEC 320 C7, C17
Quality System:ISO9001:2008
Color: White and black are normal, Custom color
Outer Mold Material: PVC, Rubber
Plug Insert Material: PBT, ABS
Blade Material: Nickel Coated Brass
Cable Specifications: Standard and custom made
Wire Jacket Material: PVC, Rubber, TPE, Textile
Environmental Certifications: RoHS, REACH, PAHS
Model Number: PBB-10
Plug Standard GB 2099.1-1996, GB 1002-1996, 6A 2 pole 2 wires,non-polarized, non-grounding Type A Plug  Connector IEC 60320 (320) C-17, Unterminated. China GB2009 (Chinese 10 Amp/250 Voltage) and compatible types (Type A), connected with a two-wire ungrounded plug rated at 10 A, 250 V defined by CCC. The China AC plugs and Sockets are similar in appearance to the Australian and Argentine plugs.
China power cords are black and white as a standard color. gray and custom colors are available. Custom length and shielded China cord sets light duty China AC power cables available. Terminated, custom stripping.
China 10A Power Cord

GB2099 10A 2 Wire Plug

Available Opposite End
Normal Stripped, Splitter, and ROJ

We manufacturers and supply China Power Cord , GB2099 2 wire,non-grounding AC Power Cords, the other end can be stripped, ROJ with custom length.

Available Opposite End

Common Termination

The China Power Cord 10Amp 250 Volt AC, 2 Pole 2 Wire Non-Grounding GB2099 Standard CCC/3C approved Type A Plug is one end molded with standard plugs, the opposite could be terminated with types of terminals such as grounding rings terminals, fork with heat shrink or nylone insulated.

Common Termination

China CCC Power Cord

Power Cord Available Switches

China Power Cord 10Amp 250 Volt AC, 2 Pole 2 Wire Non-Grounding GB2099 Standard CCC/3C approved Type A Plug is used to molded with online switches for salt lamp power supply cords.

Swich Series

The color of online swtiches mostly white, black and transparent

Power cord with Swich

Power Supply Cord with Swich


China Power Cord 10Amp 250 Volt AC, 2 Pole 2 Wire Non-Grounding GB2099 Standard CCC/3C approved Type A Plug Bulk packed with export cartons, pallets.


Yunhuan manufacturers and supplies electrical AC power supply cords for use in China and all Countries in the world. Our extensive and complete China power cord line includes power receptacle outlets, Plug, weatherproof receptacle outlets, sockets, multiple outlet power strips, power supply cords, power cable wire, and plug adapters. Contact us for China AC  power cords as China leading China power cord manufacturer and supplier. all of Chinas AC power cables are approved by CCC or 3C and Rohs  /  Reach compliant.

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