Air Open-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headset Headphone

Bone conduction is a mode of sound transmission, which converts sound into mechanical vibration of different frequencies. It transmits sound waves through human skull, bone labyrinth, lymphatic transmission of inner ear, spiral apparatus, auditory nerve and auditory center.

Compared with the classical sound transmission method which generates sound waves through vibration membrane, bone conduction eliminates many steps of sound wave transmission, achieves clear sound restoration in noisy environment, and the sound wave does not affect others because it diffuses in the air. Bone conduction technology is divided into bone conduction loudspeaker technology and bone conduction microphone technology.
(1) Bone conduction loudspeaker technology is used to listen to the voice. Air-guided loudspeakers convert electrical signals into sound waves (vibration signals) and transmit them to the auditory nerve. The bone conduction loudspeaker is the acoustic wave (vibration signal) transformed by electrical signals, which is transmitted directly through the bone to the auditory nerve. The transmission medium of sound wave (vibration signal) is different.
(2) Bone conduction microphone technology is used to deliver a message, which is to collect sound. Air conduction is the transmission of sound waves through the air to the microphone, while bone conduction is the direct transmission through the bone.
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